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Style & Competition for AMADE

Style & Competition for AMADE

Orchestrated by Charlotte Casiraghi, the Style & Sport Competition for AMADE test combines riders from both Masters Grand Slam (CSI 5*) and amateurs from the Invitational Trophy (CSI 1*). Ten teams, representing one brand or company, are involved in this charity competition which is run by relay in a time frame and with their own choice of music.
The ranking, determined by a jury, takes into account barrier penalties, the couple’s elegance, their style, the manners and training of the horse. Through this event, Gucci, EEM World and the international riders lend their support to the World Association of Children's Friends) by donating 60% of profits to ONG chaired by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover. 
€620 000 was collected since 2010 to pursue humanitarian programs for children worldwide.  

Since 1963, the World Association of Children's Friends has been working to assure the well-being of the most vulnerable children in the world. Because promoting the interests of the smallest among us is the only way towards achieving a harmonious and prosperous society...
The charity, also known by the acronym AMADE, whose headquarters are in Monaco, operates through a network of 11 national associations based in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Led by its chairwoman, H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover, AMADE's key goals are to:
- Encourage access to education and healthcare for all children around the world
- Raise awareness about the importance of children in society
- Promote children's fundamental rights

Within the programs supported by AMADE, the 2014's events will be especially dedicated to the initiative "Time To Act" of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), at the H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover's request, in support of the children victims of the Syrian conflict.
There is currently more than 1,4 millions of refugee children, the AMADE invests herself more specificly into their psychological support and their education, in collaboration with the HCR.

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