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Longines Battle of the Sexes : Pénélope the Warrior

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Tonight will go down in history! Until this evening, a woman had never won the Battle of the Sexes, an original contest between ten male riders and ten female riders, since riding is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete against each other. But tonight the tables have turned dramatically! Under a thunder of applause from the spectators, spurred on by Nathalie Simon, the women did not just win: they triumphed. Although the "pink" team only had four representatives out of ten in the final leg, they dominated right from the start...The first lady to go round, Katharina Offel stayed in the lead for some time predicting a feminine victory – but not necessarily her own. This proved to be true. Associated with the very fast Flora de Mariposa – this was a 100% feminine couple Pénélope Leprévost turned, galloped and in true style, encouraged by the spectators, took all the risks necessary to gallop towards victory. Lauren Hough, nearly as quick as Pénélope, separated her two female teammates. The fifth place went to Lucy Davis, which meant that the women also won the team ranking: tonight the ladies were invincible. While Sophie Thalmann and Thierry Lhermitte gave the prizes to the noble warriors of the evening, Pénélope was joined by her daughter, Eden. Who knows? Perhaps this already brilliant rider in the making will represent women in a future edition of the Battle of the Sexes, in a few years time...
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