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13 › 15 FEBRUARY 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 09:00
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Poetry in Motion at Longines Hong Kong Masters

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Top class French dressage rider Alizée Froment is set to delight audiences at this month’s Longines Hong Kong Masters with her Asian premiere of ‘Ballerinas' and 'Trio of Stars’.

"I'm really excited to live this new experience which will I am sure be amazing,” said Froment.

Froment, who will be part of the French Team at the World Equestrian Games taking place in France this year, dreamed of being an actress and a performer.
 This dream turned to reality in 2009 when she developed the idea of uniting classic dance and equestrian dressage.

Alizée’s stunning show, combines the performance of classic ballerina Aurelia Lefaucheux with the beauty of her own freestyle dressage on her magnificent black horse Mistral.

"First of all I wanted to be an actress and not a rider. I was in a theatre school from the age of 15 until I was 17 but life put me back with horses, dressage, and international competitions.”

"Some years later a producer asked me to do a show 5 weeks after the European Championships and this was the beginning of a beautiful story. Since July 2008 I have done around 200 shows all over Europe with Mistral.”

Froment has a very close relationship with her horse - the star of her show.

“We have a really special relationship together. Mistral is a part of me. My heartbreaker. The love of my life,” she said.
This month’s Longines Hong Kong Masters brings Froment to the iconic Asian city for the first time in her life and she is looking forward to arriving on February 16 to begin her preparations for the shows tag will take place at the following times at AsiaWorld Expo:

Friday 21st February - 10:45pm: ALIZÉE FROMENT - Equestrian artist - Trio

Saturday 22st February - 02:00pm: ALIZÉE FROMENT - Equestrian artist - Trio

Saturday 22nd February - 07:45pm: ALIZÉE FROMENT - Equestrian artist - Kür

Saturday 22nd February - 11:00pm: ALIZÉE FROMENT - Equestrian artist - Ballerine

Sunday 23nd February - 12:15pm: ALIZÉE FROMENT - Equestrian artist - Ballerine
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