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19 › 21 FEBRUARY 2016 AsiaWorld-Expo
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Show & Activities

Meet Santi Serra, a 26 years old Spaniard gifted, who will be performing magnificent shows at the Longines Hong Kong Masters 2015, based on play and mutual understanding with horses.
Santi Serra has performed throughout Europe including at the last edition of the Gucci Paris Masters and other locations in France (Grand Prix Classic in Fontainebleau, Béziers, Saint Gely du Fes), Italy (Fieracavalli in Verona), Germany (Equitana in Essen) and Spain (CSIO Barcelona, Madrid Horse Week).
"I’ve never travelled to Hong Kong before. I think the audience will be very enthusiastic and grateful. I hope they will enjoy my show because it is different from all other shows.” 
Born in Catalonia, at the foot of the Pyrenees, Santi grew up among horses. His father breeds purebred Arabians, as did his grandfather. With his brother John, who’s also known in Spain for his equestrian shows, they’ve founded Sercam Shows, which means a mix of their two surnames. “I participated in a rodeo, my horse started running uncontrolled and when he suddenly stopped the audience began to scream and go crazy. It was then that I realized a new concept of a show like this had to be done and here was born Sercam Shows."
Sercam shows involve “natural dressage” and highlight the beauty of a horse’s movement and the harmony and balance between man and animal.  They feature various breeds of horses including  Arabs, Frisons, Lucitans and typical Spanish horses (we call them PRE). "My best horse is ‘Nika', a dark Arabian mare. She is very beautiful and works very well in the show.”
In 2012, Santi became famous throughout Spain when he won a TV talent show, Tu si que vales. Since then, his act changes according to his horse’s moods and form. “It’s a dressage act but for the horses its a game. If the horses like my presence, if they enjoy playing, it doesn’t matter if they trot or canter at any given moment. I want the spectators to marvel at the total freedom. Theses are not subjugated well-trained, horses. They see the exercises as a game they are happy to play. At first, horses see man as a predator, but once you have got over that obstacle, they will do anything for you. It’s just a question of how many hours you’re prepared to put in and how much patience you have.” 
"Horses are my life, I love them. I usually train ten hours each day, but when I have free time I like to do promenades with my horses on the beach or sleep with them in their stables.
You can see Santi Serra « playing » with two of his twenty-four horses each day at the third edition of the Longines Hong Kong Masters :
- Friday, February 13th at 10:20 PM
- Saturday, February 14th at 2:40 PM & 09:45 PM
- Sunday, February 15th at 1:20 PM
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