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12 › 15 February 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 07:21
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French Rider Kevin Staut wins Gucci Grand Prix

French Rider Kevin Staut wins Gucci Grand Prix  in front of ecstatic home crowd of 8,500 people in Paris
The 4 days of competition of the Gucci Paris Masters, European leg of the Masters Grand Slam, ended beautifully with the victory of French rider Kevin Staut  and his extraordinary mare Silvana HDC.  Currently ranked number 12 in the world, Kevin overtook young prodigy and world number one Scott Brash, and his mare Ursula XII by more than a second in a spectacular jump off final.  Olympic Silver medalist Gerco Schröeder, of the Netherlands, riding London finished third just ahead of French rider Aymeric de Ponnat and his spectacular stallion Armitage Boy.   Finishing 6th, with a unfortunate 4 points penalty, the top female rider of the Gucci Grand Prix was no other that Gucci Ambassador Edwina Alexander and her legendary Selle Français Cevo Itot du Chateau who at 17 years of age has lost none of his stamina and skills.
A brilliant conclusion to a very successful fifth edition of the Gucci Paris Masters  who attracted more than 50,000 visitors and a global broadcast audience of 500 million households worldwide.  
Next stop Hong Kong for the Asian leg of the Masters Grand Slam!
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