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12 › 14 FEBRUARY 2016 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 15:19
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Longines Speed Challenge

Longines Speed Challenge

Timing and precision: two words that perfectly illustrate this speed trial, created in 2010 by EEM World, for the Masters Grand Slam events in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
The challenge for the competitors is to complete the course (a total of 16 1,45m high fences) within the fastest time, knowing that every fallen bar adds a 2 seconds penalty, as opposed to the 4 seconds penalty commonly encountered in Speed Classes. The winner is the fastest and most accurate rider. 
With a US$ 84.500 prize, the Longines Speed Challenge not only guarantees total suspense, but it is also highly appealing to the audience who can follow the competitor’s results in real time!

Winners of the previous editions

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