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Andre Agassi Foundation For Education

Founded in 1994, the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education is dedicated to transforming U.S. public education through its tuition free public charter school, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy.  The Foundation strives to provide youth in the historical West Las Vegas neighborhood with a quality K-12 education to prepare for excellence in college and beyond. Through state and national advocacy, the Foundation also works to increase investment and accountability in public schools.
At the heart of the Foundation are the following core beliefs:
·       Every child deserves an outstanding academic experience
·       Investment in resources and accountability for public schools is essential
·       Teachers, administrators and parents all have a responsibility to help kids succeed.
Since the inception of the Foundation, over $185 million dollars has been raised to benefit the mission of the Foundation including $118 million from the Grand Slam for Children fundraising event. Over the past 20 years, we have provided in excess of $70 million to support ongoing programming at Agassi Prep and the Andre Agassi Boys & Girls Club, as well as other causes that help children in Southern Nevada. Currently, the money we raise helps underwrite Agassi Prep’s operating budget and sustain the Foundation’s work to impact education and educational policy on a local and national level.
With education, there is hope.
Andre Agassi Foundation ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Jane Richard Philips and Tiffany Sullivan

Children For Tomorrow

Founded in 1998, Children for Tomorrow is dedicated to the psychological rebuilding of children affected by war, violence and persecution.  The Foundation provides specialized therapy to help heal the deep emotional scars caused by a daily life marked with violence.
According to the UNHCR there are currently 50 million people on the run worldwide.  Almost half are children or adolescents.  Many flee on their own through human traffickers; often experiencing further cruelty.  Some have lost parents or relatives and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, insomnia and nightmares.  Our therapist can help them process these terrible experiences.
Since 2011, Children for Tomorrow’s headquarters have been on the grounds of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, which serves both as an outpatient clinic and coordination for all projects worldwide.  Contributions to Children for Tomorrow provide psychotherapeutic treatment as well as psycho-social services.  The Foundation aims to promote the psychological reconstruction of these children to give them a chance for a better future.
We heal the inner wounds.
Children for Tomorrow ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Beezie Madden and Mitchell Endicott


Funded in 1963 in accordance with the wish of the Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE is based on a vision: the vision of a world where every child, whatever his social, religious or cultural origins are, would have the capacity to live with dignity and security, his fundamental rights fully respected.
To achieve this goal, AMADE actively commits to the protection and blossoming of worldwide children.
The funding bases of AMADE's involvement are the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) adopted by the United Nations in 1989, and the Millenium Declaration adopted in 2000 by the international community to fight against poverty.
AMADE contributes to implement these commitments through the following missions:
·       To protect the most vulnerable children from violence, exploitation and abuse.
·       To promote blossoming of children by contributing to access to education and health.
·       To accompany changes through plea initiatives.

Amade ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Jessica Springsteen and Georgina Bloomberg

JustWorld International

JustWorld International acts as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by working with local partner organizations to provide basic education, nutrition, health, hygiene, and vocational programs for children in impoverished communities in Honduras, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Colombia.
JustWorld International works through the international equestrian community and its extensive networks to fund and sustain programs that provide basic needs to children with little opportunity to receive support from other sources.
JustWorld Internationl ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Laura Kraut and Hannah Selleck

Mustard Seed Ranch

Mustard Seed Ranch was founded in 2006 as a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equine assisted therapy and life-experience programs to abused and neglected youth in Southern California.
Their mission is to help young people heal in a safe and nurturing environment, provide them the life skills to build healthy, lasting relationships, and to break the cycle of abuse.
Collaborating with community partners, Mustard Seed Ranch offers the opportunity for those youth in foster care, group homes, and institutional settings to experience unconditional love for the first time, regain confidence, learn personal responsibility and restore their sense of worth and trust in others.
Mustard Seed Ranch ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Richard Spooner and Jennifer Gates

Jump Charity

Jump Charity was founded in 2013 to raise money for Children’s Hospital LA.
Their first major fundraising event was a horse show held last year in September at San Pascual Stables and raised over $20,000 that was donated directly to CHLA. The show was such a success that the founders and organizers of that event decided to get together and form Jump Charity, a non profit organization that will dedicate its time and effort to children’s causes across the greater Los Angeles area.
Initially founded to raise money for CHLA, the group now offers its services to many different organizations with the consistent goal of helping children and children's causes. Their motto is to help make a difference one jump at a time.
Jump Charity ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Rodrigo Pessoa and Jean-Christophe Mely

Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship

Ride On teaches adaptive horseback riding to children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and we provide physical and occupational therapy  using the movement of  the horse to improve specific medical conditions. Founded in 1994, Ride On has given over 80,600 safe, effective and individualized lessons and therapy treatments and currently serves 200 individuals each week. We operate in two locations: serving the Conejo Valley, our 13-acre Newbury Park site is operated in partnership with the Conejo Recreation and Park District; in the San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth is home to our 3-acre ranch.
Adaptive Riding emphasizes recreation, riding skills and fun on horseback. We teach individuals with a wide range of disabilities beginning around age six. Our oldest rider is over 90. We also offer riding lessons for siblings and the general public as space is available.
Our therapy program specializes in hippo therapy. It always involves a licensed physical, occupational or speech therapist and it emphasizes the beneficial effect of a horse’s movement on our patients. Ride On is the only nationally accredited program offering hippo therapy in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
Ride On’s experienced and talented staff includes nine certified riding instructors and nine licensed therapists.  We are proud to have 4 faculty on staff who train and certify new and experienced instructors and therapists for national associations. Our team is assisted by over a hundred volunteers each week using a wonderful team of thirty horses carefully trained and well-suited to the unique demands of our work.
Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Paris Sellon and Kaley Cuoco

Compton Jr Posse

For 25 years, the Compton Jr. Posse’s award-winning program has given inner city kids a framework for success by teaming them with horses and highly skilled instructors including Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson. CJP provides year round after school programs using equestrian activities to inspire excellence in academics and to help develop responsibility, discipline and self-esteem.
The Compton Junior Posse ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Will Simpson and Hannah von Heidegger


Baby2Baby provides low-income children ages 0-12 with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. By distributing new and gently used items to 60 non-profit partner organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs and other social service agencies, Baby2Baby will serve over 80,000 children this year.
Baby2Baby ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Francie Steinwedell-Carvin and Saree Kayne

Thrive Animal Rescue

Founded in 2014, Thrive Animal Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization whose mission is to rescue dogs from Southern California’s most overcrowded and underfunded shelters, and place them into loving homes. The brainchild of longtime equestrian Cece Bloum, Thrive Animal Rescue has teamed up with friends from the equestrian community who are committed to making a difference for animals in need. 
The money they raise pays for food, medical care, spay, neuter, supplies, and housing for these at-risk dogs. Their primary goal is to rescue dogs from high risk shelters, get them their necessary medical attention and place them in a suitable home. Their secondary goal and focus for 2015 is to reach out to the shelters with whom they work and provide financial assistance to senior pet owners who can no longer afford to keep their pets. Their Sponsor-A-Senior program is a collaborative effort between Thrive Animal Rescue and local shelters which will help prevent pets from having to suffer the trauma of being surrendered to a shelter. 
Many of their dogs are considered unadoptable due to age or chronic medical problems. They rely on the support of their generous donors to defray the cost of their medical expenses. If you can't adopt a dog, please consider sponsoring a dog in need. 

Thrive Animal Rescue ‘Charity Pro-AM’ team: Karl Cook and Julie Hancock
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