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12 › 15 February 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 15:54
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Masters’ riders (5*)

Katharina OFFEL

Originally from Germany, Katharina Offel has represented Ukraine since 2005.  

She has already been selected to take part in two Olympiads in 2008 and in 2012 (finishing in 14th place in the team competition), two World Championships (2006 and 2010) and two European Championships (2005 and 2007).

2012 has been a good year for the Ukrainian rider, who won the Grand Prix at the Grand Palais in Paris (CSI5*) with Cathleen 28, and has performed well in international competitions.

  • 14th by team at the 2012 Olympic Games (Vivant)
  • 16th  by team at the World Championships 2010 (La Bomba 3)
  • 7th  by team at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup finale 2013 (Charlie)
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