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12 › 15 February 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 15:54
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Masters’ riders (5*)


Another star of Dutch riding, the young Gerco Schröder is a real champion.

He won his first individual gold medal at the European Young Riders Championships in 1996. And so began a steady rise to the top. In 1997, he became Vice European Young Riders Team Champion. In 1999, he was double European Young Riders Champion in the individual and team competitions. In 2006, he became World Team Champion. In 2007, he became European Team Champion.

He has also appeared in seven World Cup finals and was selected to compete at the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics. Gerco Schröder also collected two silver medals at London 2012 riding Eurocommerce London, a BWP stallion. 
• Olympic individual and Vice team Champion in 2012 (Eurocommerce London)
• Team World Champion in 2006 (Eurocommerce Berlin)
• European Team Champion in 2007(Eurocommerce Berlin)
• 6th of the World Cup final 2011 (Eurocommerce New Orleans)
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