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12 › 15 February 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 08:41
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Masters’ riders (5*)


Patrice Delaveau began riding at the age of 6. At 11 years old, he successively won the French and Young European Championships in 1979, the juniors in 1980 and 1981 and Young Riders in 1985.

Several horses have highlighted his career. At only 21, Laeken HN is the one who allowed him to earn team bronze at the 1996 World Championships. With Vicomte du Mesnil, Patrice Delaveau competed in the team European Championships in 1997 and finished 4th. Caucalis gave him the chance to be selected for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Initially in reserve, the couple replaced Michel Robert and Auleto in the team event at the last moment and finished a 4th. Between 2000 and 2007, the Normandy-based rider maintained a high level with Frascator Mail, Envoyé Spécial, and Jumpy des Fontaines. In 2007, Katchina Mail joined the racing stables.

Victorious in International Grand Prix, the mare enabled him to win the title of Vice team World Champion in 2012. Today, with strong support from the Haras des Coudrettes, the rider has two new high-level mounts to compete in major international events: Ornella Mai*HDC and Orient-Express*HDC.
• Vice team world champion 2013 (Katchina Mail)
• Vice team World Champion 2010
• Bronze medallist at the World Championships in 1986 (Laeken)
• Team gold at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2013 final (Orient Express*HDC)
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