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12 › 15 February 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo
Hong Kong - HK 08:41
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Masters’ riders (5*)


Aside from a world individual title, Ludger Beerbaum has won on all grounds of the world. The highlights of his career have surely been his four Olympic titles, one of which being individual, in Barcelona (1992), while riding with Classic Touch.

The Freak (1988) Ratina Z (1996) and Goldfever (2000) are the three other partners that offered him Olympic gold by team. In 2008, in the show jumping temple of Aix-La-Chapelle, more than 50 000 spectators assisted a moving tribute to his last big partner, Goldfever who, with 18 years of age, said his goodbyes to a rich career with many successes.

With Couleur Rubin, Coupe de Cœur, Chamanto or even Gotha, son of Goldfever, icon of this discipline in his country and sacred various times “rider of the year” by the FEI, he has not stopped feeding his title list. As proof, the Euro in 2013 the German rider won a new team silver medal with Chiara 222.
• Individual Olympic champion 1992 (Classic Touch), and by team in 1988 (The Freak), 1996 (Ratina Z), 2000 (Goldfever)
• World team champion 1994 (Ratina Z), 1998 (Priamos)
• Vice world team champion 1990 (Gazelle)
• Team bronze medallist at the 2006 World Championships (L’Espoir)
• European Champion 1997 (Ratina Z), 2001 (Gladdys S) and by team in 1997 (Ratina Z), 1999 (Champion du Lys), 2003 (Goldfever 3), 2011 (Gotha 18)
• Vice European champion 2003 (Goldfever 3), and by team in 2007 (Goldfever 3)
• Bronze medallist at the European Championships in 1984 (Wittersfernde), 2007 (Goldfever 3), and by team in 1984 (Wittersfernde), 2001 (Gladdys S)
• Silver of the World Cup final 2010 (Gotha FRH)
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