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2014 年 12 月 巴黎維勒班特國際展覽中心
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Shetland Pony Race
Ponies hit the ring!

Sunday December 7th 1:45pm

Before the Gucci Grand Prix and in partnership with the Haras de Jardy, twelve children aged 8 to 12 (3rd gallop), will compete in a Shetland pony race for the public’s enjoyment.

About ‘Le Haras de Jardy’:
This equestrian centre and pony club owned by the Haut de Seine council is situated within the town of Marnes-la-Coquette. 
This green setting of 75 hectares complete with Norman style buildings is full of history, the Haras de Jardy is also great place to go for walks.
This location renowned for equestrian sport holds some of the biggest national and international events. 
The site’s excellent infrastructure allows for more than 16,000 competitors on any of the 70 days when competitions are held.
Although the  Haras de Jardy  is better known in the media for its sporting events, it is also an equine school where more than 3,000 horse riders take part in their passion each week. 
The Haras de Jardy is far more than an equestrian center, it is a very significant place for horse riding in France.

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