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2014 年 12 月 巴黎維勒班特國際展覽中心
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About the Masters Grand Slam Indoor
EEM World is the creator and owner of the Masters Grand Slam Indoor, premier international indoor Show Jumping events. The Masters are unique VIP events, each attracting 25 of the world’s best riders with an exceptional prize money of 1 million US$.
The Masters enjoy a worldwide audience of over 550 million households, far more than any other equestrian competition in the world. Loyal partnerships with world-famous brands such as Gucci, Longines, Land Rover, Airbus Group, Dassault Falcon... allow the Masters to provide a unique opportunity for networking, bringing together financial, industrial and political leaders, worldwide institutions and celebrities.
Organized in the most influential economic and cultural capitals of Europe, Asia and America, the Masters are designed to enhance the popularity and worldwide audience of equestrian events. 
With over 50,000 spectators attending each Masters event for four days of sport, show and glamour, the Masters Grand Slam Indoor will offer an opportunity to experience firsthand world-class competition and entertainment.
Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +32 (0)67 48 51 84
The Masters calendar
- Longines Los Angeles Masters - 25th to 28th September 2014
- Gucci Paris Masters – 4th to 7th December 2014
- Longines Hong Kong Masters – 13th to 15th February 2015

Les Écuries d’Écaussinnes
EEM World’s offices are located on the premises of the Écuries d’Écaussinnes. These world-famous stables are specialist dealers in horses. Part of the stables is devoted to breeding, with four approved stallions.
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