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  • 10/22/1992
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At age 21, Lucy was the youngest member of the United States Bronze medalist team at the 2014 WEG in Normandie. After jumping a double clear in the Nations Cup in Rotterdam in 2013, she won the Furusiyya Rider of the Day award. Three months later she put herself under the spotlights by winning the LGCT Grand Prix of Lausanne brilliantly standing up to Patrice Delaveau and Kevin Staut with her faithful companion Baron. Aged 20 at that time, the Californian trained by German Markus Beerbaum thereby became the youngest rider ever to win a LGCT Grand Prix. But even at a younger age she had already proven her talent by becoming the 2008 North American Junior Champion in both the Team and Individual events.
* Team and individual gold medallist at the North American Championship in 2008 (Mister Mind)
* 1st at the LGCT Grand Prix of Lausanne 2013 (Barron)
* Team bronze medallist at the WEG in Normandy 2014 (Barron)