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Promised a successful career since the start at the age of 9, Alvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto became champion of Brasil four times as well as champion of Sao Paulo.

He represented his country at the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2012, where he returned twice with a team bronze medal (1996 and 2000) along with an 8th place by team and 12th individually in 2012.

The one they nickname “Doda” also received team silver at the Pan-American Games in 2011, a 4th place by team at the 2010 World Championships and many International Grand Prix victories. During the last WEG in Normandy 2014, despite the fact that he fell the first day, he will prove his amazing spirit by giving everything for the Brazilian team, ending up 5th.

* Team bronze medallist at the Olympic Games of Atlanta 1996 (Apsen)
* Team bronze medallist at the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000 (Aspen)
* Team bronze medallist at the Pan-American Games of Santo Domingo 2003 (Oliver Metodo)
* Team 4th at the WEG of Lexington 2010 (Ashleigh Drossel Dan AD)
* Individual silver medallist at the Pan-American Games of Guadalajara 2011 (AD Norson)
* Team silver medallist at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup final of Barcelona 2013 (AD Rahmannshof’s Bogeno)
* Team 5th at the WEG in Normandy 2014 (Bogeno)

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