PARIS 3 › 6 DECEMBER 2015 Paris Nord Villepinte
Main events
  • Saturday 05th December
  • 07:15 PM
  • 1,55m
  • US$ 130 000
  • Masters
Information & Reservation

The Gucci Gold Cup has earned a reputation for excellence by becoming the Saturday highlight of the three stages of the circuit. This 1.55m class boasts US$130,000 in prize money on the three continents and is based on the principle of the “winning round”: there are two rounds, with the second reserved for the ten best riders from the first round. The score from the first round is then discarded and everyone starts from scratch again!

A very glamorous evening is in store, as the Gucci Gold Cup is preceded by the “Style & Competition for AMADE” class, which draws stars who are connected in one way or another with the horse world.

Winners of the previous editions