The Longines Masters wouldn’t be the same without our dedicated volunteers! 
Experience with horses is not a requirement; we’re simply looking for outgoing, dependable, energetic people over the age of 18 who can provide great customer service and help us to make this an outstanding event.

We are now looking for volunteers for the Longines Masters of Los Angeles. This year’s event will be held October 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and volunteers will be needed from Monday, September 28 to Sunday, October 4. If you would like to volunteer please fill out the application form. Volunteer positions will be assigned according to each applicant’s experience and availability.

Volunteer Positions at the Longines Masters of Los Angeles
Below are brief descriptions of some of the jobs done by our amazing volunteers!  

Main Entrance: These volunteers will be the face of the Longines Masters of Los Angeles! They will get to welcome our guests when they first enter the event and direct them to all our exciting shops, activities, competitions, and concessions. We want our guests to fully enjoy their time at the Masters, and these volunteers will help them to feel welcomed and knowledgeable right away!
Information Table: Volunteers at our Information Table will answer questions, provide directions within the event, and sell our official Longines Masters of Los Angeles Official program.  
Paddock Crossings: A key position to ensure safe crossing of the horses path from the stable to the paddock and into the main competition ring..  At the heart of the action, volunteers will be responsible to manage visitors circulation throughout the event.  We ask that these volunteers have experience with horses, as you will be seeing a lot of them!
In-Gate: This position will see competition from a very unique vantage point!  Volunteers will be responsible for opening and closing the competition arena in-gate before and after each competitor and will get to work very closely with event staff. This is a position that requires experience with horses.
Grandstand Usher: Volunteers will have the opportunity to stand in the grandstands and see competition while directing guests to their seats. You will help ensure that guests are able to find their seats in a timely manner and making sure they have their correct seats. This position enhances everyone’s enjoyment of the event!
Organization Office: Volunteers will be working in the organization office and be hands-on with the running of a major international sporting competition! You will do everything, including answer phones, guide guests who visit the office, answer questions, check-in and check-out the walkie-talkies for organization staff, and distribute food tickets to staff, among other things. This position offers a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of a top showjumping event and work very closely with the organizers.
Accreditation: This position is the best if you want to have a chance to interact with the athletes!  Volunteers will assist with the accreditation process by learning the software and printing badges for riders, riders’ guests, and event staff.  These will be longer shifts than the other roles, and these volunteers definitely need to be computer savvy.  
Print Room: Be the first to know the start list for each of our competitions!  Volunteers will assist with printing start lists, results, and announcements and distributing them to guests, press, and VIP before each competition.   You will get to interact with many different people with many different jobs at the event.
Runners: These volunteers will see every part of the event!  Runners will run errands within the event for organization staff and deliver items and information to various people throughout the event as needed.   You will see the stables, organization office, pressroom, VIP area, everything!  
General Maintenance: We want our event to be beautiful, and you can help!  Volunteers are responsible for ensuring the warm-up paddock, competition areas, and paths to the barn stay clean and orderly.   You will also be helping us keep our sponsors happy by making sure their signs stay clean and visible.    
Stable Assistants: See behind the scenes in the stabling area!  Volunteers will work with our stable staff and the USDA to make sure everything runs smoothly in the stables. These volunteers should also be very experienced with horses.

“Thank You”
As a small show of appreciation to our outstanding volunteers, each person will receive:

  • Official Longines Masters of Los Angeles polo
  • Official Longines Masters of Los Angeles cap
  • Lunch and/or dinner provided each day depending on shift
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted tickets
  • Parking pass
Transportation and accommodations will not be provided for our volunteers.  
Dress Code
Volunteers will be asked to wear their Longines Masters of Los Angeles polo shirt that we provide and solid colored long pants. There can be a lot of time spent on your feet and walking throughout the event, so please be sure to wear comfortable shoes. We ask that volunteers not wear open-toed shoes for safety reasons.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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